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https://kounosuwadaiko.wixsite.com/sizuku Kounosuwadaikokai Saitama kounosushi Prefecture Japan Creative type Concert Information*others In June 2018 it was recognized as the "Konsu City Taikokai Sport Shonen Group" as the first sports club for the Japanese drums in Konosu City. The members also belong to Suwa Crafts Co. Ltd. a Japanese drum seller and support the activities with the drum

http://https://onevision.themedia.jp ONE VISION Japan Japan Pro Movie*Other The big beat that dances the audience with the intense beat feeling by 2 way rendition in the raw sound ensemble of Japanese drums. And the fusion with the digital sound is also a feature that has not been found in traditional Japanese drum ensembles. The performance cherishes the tone of the Japanese drum itself [view] [listen] of course it links again with the [dance] which tends to be thin in modern Japanese drum entertainment and makes it rediscover it for the viewer. ... from HP

https://wadaiko-karen.jimdofree.com/ wadaikokaren Saitama Prefecture Japan hasudashi Creative type Concert Information* Phot*movie.blog*others Wadaiko Karen is based in Hasuda City Saitama Prefecture and has a wide range of Japanese drum performance activities in the Kanto area of Saitama Prefecture Chiba Prefecture and Kanagawa Prefecture. It was formed in 2017 in search of a new playing place for drums led by the "Japanese drum association certified instructor" who is performing in Saitama Prefecture Chiba Prefecture etc. ... from HP

https://tenma-dondoko.com/index wadaikojyukutenma Fukuii Prefecture Japan fukuishijyunka Company class room Wadaikomi Tenma proposes a new way of enjoying Wadaiko which is drawing attention from various fields with the concept of "healing stress release and exhilaration". At lunchtime when time is empty. Back to school and work. You can enjoy it casually according to your lifestyle. Let

http://taikoponpoko.g2.xrea.com/ Ponpoko Aichi Prefecture Japan ichinomiyashi Creative type Bulletin board*Other *

https://www.taikolab-chiba.com TAIKO-LABchiba Chiba Prefecture Japan chibashi Company class room *

https://www.taikolab-funabashi.com/ TAIKO-LABfunabashi Chiba Prefecture Japan funabashishi Company class room *

https://www.wadaiko-ren.com/ Wadaikoren Kanagawa Prefecture Japan Tokyo kawasakishi meguroku ootaku Creative type Concert Information* Phot*class room The creative Japanese drum group formed in April 2008. Members gathered and formed in local Japanese drums group respectively. The aim is to hit with the power of whole body the drum that can resonate with the listener by the sound pressure and the performance that takes advantage of Japanese aesthetic sense and sensitivity. I will drive it with a hot heart even in a simple state.

http://utotaiko.com/ Utotenkyotaiko Kumamoto Prefecture Japan utoshi Creative type Phot* movie*phot*Other *

https://www.utotaiko.net/ Taikogeinousyuudanyui Kumamoto Prefecture Japan utoshi Creative type blog * others The word "Yui" is from "Tsumugi" "Pointing the sound". The reading "Yui" comes from "Kon" meaning a regional collaborative organization that once existed. On Uto City where the base of activity is located 26 units manufactured in Edo-Meiji.... from HP

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