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https://www.azuma-azuma.com/ Wagakkisyuudanazuma unknown Japan unknown Pro Concert Information* movie*phot*Other Concert Information * Photo * Movie * Others Formed by calling the former master of Tateishi Thunder. Japanese traditional musical instruments Japanese drums whistles koto and shamisen are played in a Japanese instrument group. ... From HP

https://sites.google.com/view/owaridaiko/ Owaritaiko Aichi Prefecture Japan tanbagunoguchitown Creative type Concert Information* blog*Other Owari Taiko is a creative Japanese drum group that is based in Oguchi cho Niwa District Aichi Prefecture. Throughout the year I have appeared in various events events festivals etc. mainly on Saturdays and Sundays. ... From HP

https://tudumiya.fun Tudumiya Osaka moriguchishi Company Taiko classroom*Taiko selling*Taiko rental * rental spaceOther What is a Tudumiya? We are aiming for places where people who like Japanese musical instruments and interested people can feel free to drop in and exchange information

https://www.shun-matoinokai.com/ Kamiyasyunichiro official Site Aichi Prefecture Japan anjo sity Pro Concert Information* movie*phot-blog*Other Official site of "Masu no Kai" which is a group of people engaged in Japanese culture mainly Japanese drum leader Kamiya Shunichiro also known as Taiko presided over by Kamiya. ... From FB

https://taikoforce.wixsite.com/laika JAPANESE DRUM GROUP LAÏKA Kyoto Kyoto City Pro Concert Information* movie*Taiko classroom*Other Since being formed in 1998 representatives moved to Canada in 2005 so there is a blank for 15 years. Participating members from the Japanese drums circle at the university in Kyoto city mainly from the high school in Osaka prefecture and from the Japanese drum group resumed activities. We set up the base as a theater in the restaurant which is the center of Kyoto city and started regular performance but due to urban redevelopment the theater will be closed in full for 2018. From 2019 onwards we will

https://www.hidanostudio.com/ HodanTaikoEntertainment studio Kanagawa Prefecture Japan yokohama-city Company Taiko classroom*Other "It was a good sweat ~!" That tomorrow will do its best tomorrow! Taiko can be enjoyed as music and the effect of aerobic exercise is outstanding! A smiling face naturally floats with rhythm connecting heart and mind! Three themes of knock dance hmm Hudasta promote openness and cooperation of mind The leading instructors will help you enrich your daily life. ... From HP

http://taikokoon.web.fc2.com/index.html Wadaikosyuudankoon Fukuoka Prefecture Japan * Creative type Concert Information*Phot* movie*Other A group consisting of humans who are based in Fukuoka and are fascinated by the possibilities of Japanese drumming musicality and mystery. "Burning my soul this drum 's sound banging person" The Japanese drum group that is actively active both inside and outside the prefecture both domestically and abroad. ... From HP

http://tokyo-taiko.com/ Nippontaikozaidantokyotoshibu Tokyo Japan * Company Other It is a branch meeting in the Tokyo district which is one of the national branches of the Nippon Taiko Foundation. Twenty-four associations (as of October 1 2017) belong to Sekihachi Province which consists of branches of 7 Kanto districts (Kanagawa Tokyo Saitama Chiba Ibaraki Tochigi Gunma Shizuoka) A team of each branch gathers once a year and also performs performances etc ... From HP

http://raijindaiko.wixsite.com/home Narukamiryuuraijindaiko Tokyo Japan hachioujishi Creative type Concert Information*Phot* Other Although it is different from the so-called traditional local folk performing arts group and the town okoshi group the advanced drum performance technique of Narumi style expression power advancedness creative and musical nature of all song original are drawing attention It is a Japanese drum group. ... From HP

http://tenrin.jp/ Tenrindaikodarakan-SEED- Aichi Prefecture Japan kasugaishi Pro Concert Information*Phot* Other Pro Wadaiko Young Unit Darakan-SEED- Taiko Drum Taiko National Convention The young unit formed from members acquired in Japan. Members are mainly composed of those who won the 8th Tokyo International Japanese Wheel Taiko Contest (Best No. 1 in Japan). Powerful and energetic performances are loved by fans of a wide range of age ranging from small children to the elderly and are active in Singapore and Malaysia as Southeast Asian Tour Members of the world-wide synthesizer player Kitaro. A number of overseas

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