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Country Residence Kind HP content Description

https://sotataiko.theshop.jp/ Taiko no yorozuyasan Aichi Prefecture Japan naoyashimoriyama Company Musical score production of Taiko Agency service (musical score / data delivery)* Other Japanese drums convenient goods and items on Japanese musical instruments at affordable prices! Recommended items of the store manager so that! ... From HP

https://www.sotaasano-taiko.com/ Asano sota Aichi Prefecture Japan * Pro Concert Information *Video*Phot* Other Wadaiko player. Currently working as a solo wadaiko player vigorously collaboration with Erhu DJ etc. has a reputation and we are also working on our own band unit composed of various Japanese musical instruments. ... From HP

https://www.taikomusicxero.com/ Taiko Music XERO Japan * Pro Concert Information *Video*Phot* Other The sound of the Japanese drums full of dynamics. The power to shake the heart of music. Such fusion of Japanese drum and music. And a special unit composed of young musicians playing active in the whole world in Japan collected worldwide by leader Masamoto Yuuto. That is "Taiko Music XERO (Zero)". ... From HP

https://kwcn-kaname.jimdo.com/ Wadaiko CommunityNetwork Kanamenokai Kanagawa Prefecture Japan yokohamashi Company Blo*getc May 2017 Established a meeting of Japanese drums Community Network Kaname (KANAME) with the aim of exchanging Japanese drums groups... From HP

http://wadaiko-jo23.com/ Yoshimurajyotaro Aichi Prefecture Japan ? Pro Class room*Other Are you satisfied with the performance of the current drum? If there are various troubles I will consult with you! ... From HP

http://uchinahare.com Shikisaidagakuuchinahare Kyotofu Japan kyotoshi Pro Concert Information* Other The sound of Japanese drums gently reaches the hearts of people. While enveloped in the sound the heart rushes in a rich heart. <To the world with Japanese drums to Happy!> Colors the stage with a performance that makes casual everyday "Hare". ... From HP

http://kobewadaiko.com/ Kobewakkomai Hyogo Prefecture Japan kobeshi Creative type Concert Information *Phot* Other A Japanese drum group working in Kobe! Delivering performances and workshops are held. ... From HP

https://neyagawa-kadoma-wadaiko.com/ Neyagawakadomawadaikokurabu Osakafu Japan kadomashi Creative type Concert Information *Phot* Other Neyagawa Japanese drum club is active at Neyagawa City Municipal Hall at the venue. Those aged 13 to 72 are now enrolled and are recruiting new members. Kadoma Wada Taiko Club is recruiting from May this year and recruiting new members! Beginner senior Mr. Chibikko are welcome. ... From HP

http://medetai.otomokikaku.com Medetai Japan * Pro Concert Information * Phot*Blog*Other It features a magnificent performance style that interwoven Japanese drums ringings shamisen singing and dancing. In addition to traditional music as well as original songs created by unique sensibilities we have organized a stage with a storyy nature entitled "Lonely festival (Okono Dance)" from 2012 I have received an echo..... From HP

http://www.diytaiko.com DIY TAIKO USA - - - It is a site for practice taiko. Better practice drum better form better foundation…Better taiko playing!..... From HP

( 1-10 / 全1045件 )

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