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Country Residence Kind HP content Description

http://www.tokyotaikogirls.com/ TOKYOTAIKOGIRLS tokyo * Pro other New sense girls Japanese drum unit "Tokyo TAIKOGIRLS" formed in 2013 under Yamada Kenta Produce. ... From HP

http://te28.net/ Taiko engine Japan Japan other Information for beginners I started Japanese drum but there are lots of things I do not know. I'd like to get to know more about Japanese drums I want to get better. We will send out information for beginners of such Japanese drum. Instruments reading notes practice methods and more. ... From HP

http://shikoku.me/iyo-matsuri/raijin/index.html iyo Culture studio Ehime Prefecture Japan matsuyamashi Company Taiko classroom*Taiko studio*other It opened in 2016 as a facility that touches culture of various genres including traditional culture. ... From HP

http://www.amigo2.ne.jp/~peanuts7/index.htm Isenokunikagamitaiko Mie Prefecture Japan wataraigunwataraicyo Creative type Concert Information * Other Take over the beautiful nature and history culture cultivated in the culture climate ... ... In order to convey to the posterity in place of the sound of the drum Izukoku has collaborated here as a mirror drum. ... From HP

http://taikouchi-shingo.com/index.html Taikouchishingo Japan * Pro Concert Information *movie* Other I am from Yokohama city. Height 189 cm! Starting Japanese drums with Yokohama Tsuzuki drums from first graders of elementary school becoming independent solo player in 2011. We perform a wide range of activities including various events at home and abroad performances at school performance etc recording teaching and composing. ... From HP

https://don-doko-tsukimichi.amebaownd.com/ Wadaikosousyatsukimuramichiko Japan * Pro Concert Information *Blog* Other *

http://www.akatsuki-koyu.com/ Akatsukikoyuu Tokyo japan * Creative type Concert Information * Other In 2017 it is entering the fifth year of "Xiaoyuan Yu"! This year members will deepen ties. ... From HP

http://www.wadaikoren-utena.com/index.html Wadaikorenutena Tokyo japan tokyo and kanagawa Creative type Other In the name "Hottena" beautiful flowers will not bloom neither will it be fruit unless the foundation (foundation) is solid. The thought that the basic is important more than anything is put in it. ... From HP

http://www.renkobe.com/ RENkobe Hyogo Prefecture Japan kobeshi Creative type Concert Information *classroom* Other A Japanese drum group of amateurs formed in 2001. We will play a wide range of "traditional performing arts" throughout the country "contemporary music" using various kinds of Japanese music instruments such as drums and shinobis Sanshin Shika Chappa etc. centering on Wadaiko. ... From HP

https://www.1da1shin.com/ Ichidaisshinhakatawadaikofesutexibaru Fukuoka Prefecture Japan hakatashi Other Concert Information *phot* Other Taiko lovers of groups and organizations conducting Japanese drumming performances in Fukuoka city and nearby gathered here. A day raging with various personality and passion. I can hear a heartbeat that breathes out from that esprit. ... From HP

( 1-10 / 全1033件 )

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