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Country Residence Kind HP content Description

http://utotaiko.com/ Utotenkyotaiko Kumamoto Prefecture Japan utoshi Creative type Phot* movie*phot*Other *

https://www.utotaiko.net/ Taikogeinousyuudanyui Kumamoto Prefecture Japan utoshi Creative type blog * others The word "Yui" is from "Tsumugi" "Pointing the sound". The reading "Yui" comes from "Kon" meaning a regional collaborative organization that once existed. On Uto City where the base of activity is located 26 units manufactured in Edo-Meiji.... from HP

http://www.taikozamurai.jp/ Taikozamurai Japan unknown Pro Concert Information* movie*Other Taiko Samurai formed in 2007 was a percussion music group centered on Drums and Japanese drums. It is ten years since the formation but with the change of Drummer in 2014 it is active with increasing independent performance from 2015. The 90 minutes performance with percussion only is masterpieces. There was also a performance record at the nursery school and it gained popularity from related people.

https://taishin.jimdo.com/ Taishin yamagata Prefecture Japan yamagatashi Creative type Concert Information* Other Taiko is a Japanese taiko study group presided over by Tohoku University of Art and Design Kawaguchi Lab.Taiko's "thick" is a "drum" and "悳" is a separate body of "virtue" with the thought that heading toward a drum with a straight heart.While treating the theory of traditional theory of tradition and the course of day-to-day practice we are striving to pass and develop Japanese drums as an entertainment through stage performances international exchanges performances in local events and so on.

https://w-otodama.com/ Wadaikotodama Aichi Prefecture Japan komakishi Company Taiko classroom * Shinobue classroom * Rental studio * performance * instruction * blog * others WADAIKO-OTODAMA Tadakazu Tago in Aichi prefecture Komaki City based on years of experience and knowledge made a Japanese drums special studio centered on the drum classroom Japanese drum performance Business tutoring other Japanese instrument classes etc. We are holding vigorously. Studio various Japanese drums (use only in our studio) are also renting.... from HP

http://www.mirai-taikodoujou.com/ Miraitaikodojyo Tokyo Kanagawa Chiba Prefecture Japan kawasakishi yokohamashi shibuyaku matsudoshi Company For those who are new to you courses * rates information on Japanese drums classes trial lessons instructor introductions activity records practice schedules videos The future Taiko Dojo is aimed at such a place where everyone can cast a drum irrespective of age sex nationality as long as the thought of "Taiko is fond of" started in 1994 in Nakano Tokyo as a Japanese Taiko classroom He is a long classroom in history. The instructor is a player of the Japanese drum group "Brahma". Currently bases are spreading to Tokyo (Shibuya) Machida Tama (Kawasaki) Chiba (Matsudo) Yokohama and Osaka. There are also many setting classes one of the attractions that makes

https://www.azuma-azuma.com/ Wagakkisyuudanazuma unknown Japan unknown Pro Concert Information* movie*phot*Other Concert Information * Photo * Movie * Others Formed by calling the former master of Tateishi Thunder. Japanese traditional musical instruments Japanese drums whistles koto and shamisen are played in a Japanese instrument group. ... From HP

https://sites.google.com/view/owaridaiko/ Owaritaiko Aichi Prefecture Japan tanbagunoguchitown Creative type Concert Information* blog*Other Owari Taiko is a creative Japanese drum group that is based in Oguchi cho Niwa District Aichi Prefecture. Throughout the year I have appeared in various events events festivals etc. mainly on Saturdays and Sundays. ... From HP

https://tudumiya.fun Tudumiya Osaka moriguchishi Company Taiko classroom*Taiko selling*Taiko rental * rental spaceOther What is a Tudumiya? We are aiming for places where people who like Japanese musical instruments and interested people can feel free to drop in and exchange information

https://www.shun-matoinokai.com/ Kamiyasyunichiro official Site Aichi Prefecture Japan anjo sity Pro Concert Information* movie*phot-blog*Other Official site of "Masu no Kai" which is a group of people engaged in Japanese culture mainly Japanese drum leader Kamiya Shunichiro also known as Taiko presided over by Kamiya. ... From FB

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