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Country Residence Kind HP content Description

http://www.diytaiko.com DIY TAIKO USA - - - It is a site for practice taiko. Better practice drum better form better foundation…Better taiko playing!..... From HP

http://www.kennyendo.com/ Kenny Endo USA Hawaii Pro Concert Information * Phot*Other -

http://www.bunkascs.com.br/taiko/ Shinkyo Daiko Brazil - - Phot*Video*Other O Shinkyodaiko foi formado em novembro de 2007 e traz no seu significado o sentimento de "vibração interior do coração". O grupo tem como objetivos principais o resgate a preservação e a divulgação da cultura japonesa através da arte do Taiko principalmente incentivando para que os jovens sejam os maiores porta-vozes desta divulgação..... From HP

http://kyodaiko.com/ Kyo Daiko USA Philadelphia Pennsylvania - Taiko classroom*Other Kyo Daiko is a community taiko group based in the Philadelphia area. We welcome new members and are available to perform for your event! Please click on the menu items above for more information..... From HP

http://www.hinodetaiko.ca/ Hinode Taiko Canada Winnipeg - Concert Information * Phot*Taiko classroom*Other Canada’s best known taiko ensemble. From humble workshop beginnings in 1982 using broomsticks and old tires as practice equipment Hinode Taiko (in Japanese "Rising Sun Drums") went on to build concert-quality drums and study with the greatest taiko players of modern time – rooting taiko in the heart of the Canadian Prairies.... From HP

https://www.taiko-on.com/ Taiko On Perth 太鼓音 Australia - - Concert Information * Video*Taiko classroom*Other The name is not only a team cry to strive and put all of one’s energy and focus into the drums but the Japanese characters also resonate with the meaning “Sound of the Drum”... From HP

http://issai1331.wix.com/taikoperformerissai ISSAI Kanagawa Prefecture Japan * Pro Concert Information * Phot*Other Currently he belongs to [Japanese Taiko Group Aya - SAI -] and 3 People Taiko Performance Unit [打音 's TOP] and also acts as support member of Hidano Shuichi with Taiko Masters. In addition he has earned a high reputation in composition choreography and guidance.

http://www.taikolab.com TAIKO-LAB AOYAMA Tokyo japan shibuyaku Company Taiko classroom *

http://yoshiya-kawasuji.webnode.jp/ yoshiya kawasuji Fukui Prefecture Japan fukuishi * Phot*Video*Other I am from Koshino Fukui Prefecture. I am familiar with Kagura performing arts and taiko since childhood. He showed interest in the provision and truth of heaven and earth in adolescence devoted to Old Shintoism Zen Dao house attraction interior view Ming Ming philosophy. Practice full-scale Japanese drumming as a type to rule oneself. He also has the experience of a shrine ritual which the priest executes. ... From HP

https://diaplus.info/diaplus/ DIA+ Ishikawa Prefecture Japan nonoichishi Pro Concert Information * Video*Other DIA + resumed activities as a Japanese drum "DIA +" (Dia Plus) withdrew from "Taiko drum" "Azuron" belonging to Taiko no Sato Asano Taiko in Ishikawa Prefecture in 2014. ... From HP

( 1-10 / 全1043件 )

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